Contracts Division

MARINA has established a full fledged contracting division on a turnkey basis, right from design and development to erection, testing commissioning and maintenance services for all types of projects.

Our contracting division is managed by a highly competent and well-qualified team of engineers who have gained considerable experience in their specialized disciplines and construction techniques in the different parts of the world.

We are able to provide the necessary support in design development, technical back up and assistance in procurement of materials for all our projects. Through our full fledged office, we can assure a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness, offering fast and most satisfactory response to client’s requirements.

Our agency arrangements and contacts with various suppliers in Europe and North America provide excellent support in Engineering and procurement of materials. Since the starting of our firm.

MARINA have continued to grow and diversify, to find ways to better serve the market in terms of a total engineering solutions to customer requirements, whatever the product, service or specification.

Our areas

1- Civil Construction (Commercial Building & Residential Villas)

2- Electro-Mechanical works for industrial projects, multistory buildings, and special design buildings.

3- Landscaping Electro-mechanical works.

4- M.V. and L.V. cable installation.

5- Street lighting, underpass lighting and flood lighting of stadiums etc.

6- Substation installation.

7- A/C works up to chiller units’ installation, package units, ducting system, water liners, AHU's, F.C.U's all required valves.

8- Plumbing works for residential and high rise building.

9- Firefighting sprinkler system, FHR, foam sys. IFm -200 for S/S, Elect. Rooms, Ooredoo room, Computer rooms, all sizes of fire pumps, Jockey pumps, diesel pumps, etc…